Pheasants in the tree: update.

5/04/2007 09:03:00 pm

Well, I looked at the photos I took the other day of the alleged pheasants that I saw in the tree outisde my room, but they don't really look like they have big tail feathers... so I think that maybe they were just really big pigeons. But how big can a pigeon be?!

I even searched Google images for 'Swedish pheasant' but ahhh, they seemed to look the same as other pheasants.

The mysteries of my life sometimes are really too much.

But, on a brighter note (my sadness about aforementioned 'alleged pheasant' notwithstanding), during some random internet travails I saw this t-shirt and I think that Jennifer Miller, Deb MacPherson, and Chris Hill all need to own it.

And they should wear it when they're together so they can be all like, "HEY! We were all English teachers once, and YOUSE is just not a word!"

You know you want it...

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  1. Anonymous11:09 pm

    So, how do I order the T Shirt?

  2. Well I kindly included a link to the site that sells the t-shirts, because that's just the nice person I am. Click on "You know you want it" at the bottom of the post to go to the website. Unfortunately it's based in the US, but I'm sure with some searching you could find a similar item in Aus. However, the US site which I linked to does international shipping for 7 USD, which raelly isn't too bad.

    I guess it just depends on how badly you want to proclaim your grammar nerdiness...


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