The spring-time sky.

5/07/2007 06:45:00 am

I realise that the photo itself is not that impressive, but I took it at 10.40pm and it's still not fully dark yet and the birds are still out tweeting and frolicking and stuff. And since it's only May and it's light this late, I can tell right now that summer is reaaaally going to screw up my sleeping patterns.

UPDATE 07 May. True to my prediction, my sleeping patterns are being screwed up. I woke up this morning in a panic because it was so fully light that I was convinced I hadn't heard my alarm and had missed my lab. So I checked the clock, ready to leap out of bed an into action (well, in a manner of speaking; it probably would have been more of a slow roll off the side of the bed), and it was 4am.
Note to self: sleep with blinds closed from now on.

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