The B Team: I always knew I was different.

8/31/2007 12:34:00 am

I read an interesting article in the Herald today, and it's made much of my life make sense. It's not just that I'm not a morning person, or that I've always been a late night one: I'm a desyncronised night owl.

And, this is particular struck a chord with me, "B-people find it easy to stay
awake at night, preferring to go to bed at around 1am or 2am but have difficulty
waking in the morning, not feeling fully awake until after 10am," Kring
explains. "A-people are the opposite - they love the mornings but collapse in
front of the TV at about 10pm."A convenient excuse to ignore the alarm clock and
snuggle under the quilt perhaps but sleep experts agree Kring has a point.
Researchers believe 10 per cent of the population are extreme owls, 10 per cent
are extreme larks and the remaining 80 per cent fall in between. And according
to experts, it's genes rather than laziness."

I think it's time to move to Denmark.

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  1. I hope you are getting enough bright light in the morning.



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