The Puffiness Of The Eye: A Story.

8/29/2007 08:10:00 am

As told to Kristen Seim.

ellie says: (11:57:26 PM)

ok, so two years ago (don't worry, this is going somewhere), i found that i had this lump in my eyelid and i kinda freaked out because it was about the size of a pea, and was inside my eyelid, and was hurting, and i thought i had eyelid cancer, which i didn't even know was possible

Kristen says: (11:57:40 PM)


ellie says: (11:58:30 PM)

anyway, when i went to the doctor, he had a feel of it and said don't worry, it's this type of cyst that you get when the oil duct that lubricates the eyelid on the inside gets blocked, massge it and steam it and it'll go away eventually

Kristen says: (11:58:40 PM)


ellie says: (11:59:05 PM)

so i did, and it never went away but it stopped hurting and it got a lot smaller, and i never really thought about it anymore

ellie says: (12:00:48 AM)

but then a couple of days ago my eyelid started to feel sore, kind of like when you rub it too much when you're studying and it gets all tender. and then when i woke up yesteray i was puffed up like a balloon..but only on that eye. seriously, my eyelid was so puffed out that not only was it difficult to blink, but the crease of my eyelid wasn't really there anymore

ellie says: (12:03:08 AM)

and sure enough, when i had a feel, this pea-sized lump was back, and very sore. so i spent 20 minutes in the bathroom putting the hot cloth on etc, and when i got it to depuff a bit i spent another 20 trying to do my makeup so that there was a crease, but the end result was that i looked like i was squinting/winking all day, and i had a bad headache because i couldn't blink properly

ellie says: (12:04:46 AM)

and this thing was pressing on my eyeball. anyway, i tell you this because I haven't been in a class since July, have not talked to anyone since July, haven't done much, seen many people, been outside much. Since July. And then, the first day of a new class, I have to go in looking like i was suffering from bad allergies in one eye only, or just got punched.

ellie says: (12:04:59 AM)

And that, my friend, is just so typical of my life.

Kristen says: (12:05:36 AM)


Kristen says: (12:05:36 AM)

that doesn't sound very good

ellie says: (12:05:52 AM)

it's not so bad today, still sore, but not puffy

Kristen says: (12:06:01 AM)


ellie says: (12:06:03 AM)

but seriously. the one day i have class.

ellie says: (12:06:24 AM)

it not like...leaky or anything, it's just like a hard lump. there's not anything oozing out of it

ellie says: (12:06:30 AM)

eew, now i've grossed myself out

Kristen says: (12:06:39 AM)


Kristen says: (12:06:55 AM)


ellie says: (12:06:57 AM)

god, i was hoping for sympathy, not just disgust

ellie says: (12:07:04 AM)

you suck

Kristen says: (12:08:31 AM)
+o( [that's the little puke-face emoticon]

ellie says: (12:08:52 AM)

you're really mean, you know that, don't you

ellie says: (12:09:00 AM)

i was in PAIN

Kristen says: (12:09:03 AM)


Kristen says: (12:09:10 AM)

ooooh :(

ellie says: (12:09:32 AM)

i'm going to put this whole conversation excerpt on my blog and then you'll be publically shamed

Kristen says: (12:09:45 AM)


I forgot to mention earlier also, I'm going to America in two weeks...yay!!!! And incidentally staying with Kristen in Ithaca. The America holiday and the boots are actually both the result of impulse, and a much better than expected tax return, so apart from the lump in my eyelid, I can't really complain about much right now. Well, I did run into the crazy stalker from the bank I guess, but like I already said, I hid behind a big column of shoes so again, I can't really complain.

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    you're a funny kid...

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