This God Awful Arts Degree.

5/18/2008 03:21:00 pm

Don't know why I ever thought Arts was a good idea. Like, ever.

I have a 2500 word essay due tomorrow, I started yesterday but my lack of motivation meant that I only wrote 300 words. Woke up this morning, looked at the books I randomly grabbed out of the library on Friday night (yes, that's where I was on Friday night) and realised they are actually no good for the references I need. And I haven't been to a lecture for that class for a few weeks so I'm having some problems bullshitting my way through. Anyway, I've put down 1250 words and now I'm having a little break for my brain...

Passing the time by listening to my new album by Swedish band Oh Laura and looking on Etsy for things I imagine I'd like to own one day when I have a real job, don't pay rent, and have a cocker spaniel/beagle puppy.



Beth Cyr

Me likey!

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