Pathways to gluttony

8/24/2010 06:31:00 pm

I was at the supermarket yesterday, stocking up on things for a healthy dinner. Things like double-cream brie and goat cheese, and delicious basil dip, crackers, cured meat..

Anyway,  grape tomatoes were on special, and so I bought two punnets. The plan had been to use one punnet to make spanish green beans, which was also going to be a way to use up the chorizo that is currently stinking out the fridge. That didn't happen because I started to make cinnamon buns (more on that shortly), and then we were both full of cheese.

Today I found myself with two big punnets of tomatoes, and a need to do something with them sooner rather than later. I'm in a sharing kind of mood, so I am going to show you how to make something delicious. Once again, I apologise for the appalling pictures.

You start with a heavy-based pan. This is especially important for me, because my current oven is extremely evil; the element is in the bottom and heats up the bottom of things so they burn, whilst the tops remain uncooked. Slice the tomatoes in half and lay them skin side down in the pan.

Season the tomatoes with something delicious. I used some thyme seasoning which has rock salt and garlic flakes in it. You need to oil the pan a little, and also the top of the tomatoes. If you are gourmet, you will no doubt use an artful drizzle of olive oil. If you are a bogan, like me, you will use oil from a spray can. I will say nothing further on the matter. 

Cook them for an hour or two at 120 degrees. I wasn't really watching the time, but you know to take them out when they're looking crumpled and there's a nice layer of caramelised tomato debris in the base of the pan.

Then eat them. I recommend you eat them on good bread, with avocado and good cheese. Preferably a double-cream brie, and goats' cheese in ash.

If you've never tried goats' cheese in ash, roasted tomato sandwich or not, then your life is sadly incomplete.

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