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6/14/2008 12:35:00 am

I love to read the Swedish newspaper. Remember the story about the policeman who demanded a twelve-person smörgåstårta in return for the timely recovery of a stolen trombone? So much about that story is perfect; the cake bribery, the fact that the instrument stolen was a trombone (I just picture him balancing it as he rides his bicycle through the streets of Lund). The fact that he did buy the smörgastårta but only for eight people because he didn't think it would take that many police to relocate his trombone!

I've said it before, but it's just so true...Only...In...SWEDEN!

And I discover today that the archives are even better!

Drunk Elks Attack Police
Munching Swedish Beaver Causes Blackout
Fjuckby Residents Demand New Name

I love these people. So very very much.

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