The Making of Donuts.

10/07/2008 02:07:00 pm

The great thing about Krispy Kreme in Mascot is that it's open 24 hours, and that it has drive through. Not that I go there often or anything.

The even greater thing is that if you go inside you can watch the donuts being made, and seeing them floating in a vat of boiling hot oil, before going through a curtain of glaze is enough to remind you that they should only be enjoyed in moderation. Not that I go there often or anything...

The donuts get flipped automatically as they move through the oil. It's by far the most exciting part of the process.

Sometimes they don't flip or they get mushed on top of each other coming out of the donut-dough rising machine. A man with tongs comes and rescues the mutants. His name is Romeo.

Next they pass through the curtain of glaze before continuing on their merry journey to distribution trays or my belly.

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