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10/08/2008 02:24:00 pm

Soviet History of Biology.

It's more interesting than it sounds, but by Thursday last week I was a bit over it. I've decided from now on that the easiest thing to do whenever I am asked for an opinion/question is to reply, "I blame the fascists." It's such a multipurpose statement.

The week before, SRC elections were on at uni. It reminded me of old times...I remember this banner well. If you look hard you can see where they had to pull off the letters that said "YOUR GUILD." Mike designed that logo when we still had a Guild.
I'm glad I don't do student politics anymore, too many of those red t-shirts are in the back of my wardrobe. Although it was fun this time around to time-waste by asking campaigners from the opposite ticket lots of detailed questions and pretend that I was seriously considering who to vote for.

Socialist Alliance were running a ticket without a presidential candidate. How appropriate. I did automatically assume that it was because they were socialists and so were ideologically opposed to the idea of a president, but it turns out they just didn't have enough candidates to run.

I blame the fascists.

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