11/04/2008 11:51:00 am

Remember that weekend in Gotland? The one where we cycled 50km* in a day and I thought my ass would never forgive me?

Tiny fishing village.

I was thinking back to that weekend, and looking over the photos. Honestly, some places in the world are just so damn amazing that it's impossible to take a bad picture. Actually no, that isn't what I was thinking about, jeebus, I need to get my focus back (but hah, I have so many things to tell you about Soviet cows-- long story).

I was thinking how badly sunburned I got that weekend, so bad that my hands were sort of puffed up and it hurt to move. Well, I got that badly burned again a couple of weeks. It's only now that it looks like a normal bad-tan, still so noticeable that people comment (except that I've been inside the library for pretty much every daylight hour of the last 3 weeks, so NO, I didn't have a nice weekend at the beach), previously my chest was a bright red mess. I'll probably get cancer and I only have myself to blame.

*And I have photographic proof of that 50km, observe:
Exhibit (A). The start of the ride.

The start of our bike ride.
Exhibit (B). The point where we turned around, sans the detour we took to Lickershamn. Teehee, that name sounds deliciously naughty ;)
The turning point of our bike ride.

Wear sunscreen.

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