I am annoyed.

10/31/2008 05:30:00 pm

If I may be frank for a moment, I really don't give a shit about the global economy.

I'm sure if I had debts or assets I would, but I have neither, so this global credit crisis really isn't affecting me. And, just as petrol prices do not affect me, I am sick of hearing about it on the news. There is something telling about the fact that poo in icecream is getting more attention right now.*

I also have qualifications in a fairly stable area (and historically, rich industrialised countries love pumping lots of money into science when things start to look shaky) so right now, my employment future is looking no more bleak than usual.

What does affect me though, is the plummeting Australian dollar and its relationship with a vintage Gucci wallet and matching bag that I have been eyeing off for weeks on Etsy. Shallow maybe, but DAMN.

* And please, on what planet, really, does poo look like chocolate icecream? Really?

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