In the absence of anything else to do:

2/27/2009 05:57:00 pm

Surely I am among the few who are able to procrastinate even when there are no assignments due?

I'll tell you a secret... there are some very pressing scholarship applications that need to be written, but I promised myself I'd start after I wrote this. They're due tomorrow. Hopefully this won't take long..

Apologies for the lack of posts during the week, things were supposed to be hectic because I moved house, but I surprised myself by getting everything unpacked on Monday afternoon/night after it was delivered. I even had time to put together my table, desk, and kitchen trolley, plus have some vodka!

I'm going to take some pictures of the new place and my room soon enough to complete the "My Rooms" series, but like I said.. scholarship applications beckon.

Because things ended up not being hectic, I've not had much to do this week, but somehow ended up being busy anyway, and suddenly its Friday. For example, and this is getting to the point of my post, yesterday I went and ate dumplings in city and went on an impromptu adventure to IKEA (!) On Tuesday I went to uni and battled my way through first years & Campus Bible Study goons to enrol and go to the doctor (more on that later), and today I went to the city again. For dumplings. Again. But from a different place. Man, I seriously love yum cha, especially mango pancakes.

Oh, where was I? Yes, IKEA. Total. Favourite. Place.

But then you already knew that right? Kieran and I had nothing to do after we ate dumplings so we decided to go to Ikea. I always thought that since it moved out to Rhodes it was in the middle of nowhere and only worth visiting in a car. But, as we discovered, it's only half an hour from Central, which, when you have nothing better to do, is really not far at all.

I'm not used to Ikea being inside a shopping centre, but I do like how nice and shiny this new one looks on the approach :)
We had huge amounts of fun taking wankish avant garde photos while we were there. I was trying not to buy anything, but then, I did.

AND bestest part ever, we got Daim tårta from the food hall. At first we were sharing it...
..and then I commandeered it and took the last bite (well, bites) because I love Daim tårta. It tastes like Sweden!

What a fantastisk way to spend the afternoon!

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