A thing about birds.

2/20/2009 01:03:00 pm

I love birds, really, I do. I love their shape, and their attitudes (especially the little flitty passerines that bounce around a lot). I think that the Willy Wagtail is my favourite bird: so cheeky, so flirty, and so bold with his tail fanned out; although, the Superb Fairy Wren is also pretty high up on the list. Yes there's a regular old bird love-fest going on over here.

I think birds have the most amazing colour range, and native Australian birds especially are often so brightly coloured but almost completely camouflaged at the same time.

Today I noticed this immature crimson rosella (I'm pretty sure that's what it is) having a dandy old time in one of the casurinas in our back garden. He blended in so well that it was only the branch bobbing up and down that made me notice him. And yet, look at his head and body- bright red!

(Apologies for the crapness of the pictures to follow, birds don't stay still very often, and I don't like using digital zoom on moving targets.)

And yesterday I saw a group of these little guys, they never stop moving, I think to get a good picture you probably have to drug them.

They make such a nice sound too, I'm glad we have a bird-friendly garden.

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  1. Anonymous1:01 pm

    I hate birds. they are noisy and swimming in disease.

  2. You're obviously in a great mood today dear...


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