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3/15/2009 12:24:00 pm

Over the last few weeks I've acquired a number of things that have reshuffled the rankings on my favourite things list.

I am in serious stages of lust for this ring. I bought it at Orange Grove Markets from a man who sells carpets. I asked him how much, he was thinking about it, was about to give me a price and then saw who I was with and exclaimed, "For you, you are with very very special people, I give you for **."

And I was thinking, yes, they are very special people, but you are most likely ripping me off anyway. That was until we walked away and I realised that these very special people are known to him, and have in the last 2 years bought a number of very special carpets from him. So maybe it was a very special price...

It is the most beautiful colour- green amethyst- and it absolutely gigantic. I likes a lot.

I do anticipate though that there will soon be another reshuffle on the list of favourite things.. remember my beautiful beanie with a tragic fate...? All I'm sayings is this:
Watch out bitches!!

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