Reasons why you should wear underwear.

3/21/2009 12:02:00 pm

Haven't I just been the least cool kid in school lately, I can't even remember the last time I posted it seems that long ago. And, funny as those random photo posts I've been doing lately are, well, they don't exactly have substance, do they? I have a story for you now though. Inspiration for writing, as you shall see, comes in many forms. Some of them more mentally scarring than others...

Many years ago (well, maybe three, who can remember such things?), you may recall that I to say.. somewhat involved in student politics. Remember, I was not factionally bound, nor was I fanatic, but I truly do believe that if you want change you must get involved. There is my democratic principles speech for the day, I will now step down from the soap-box.

Also, I liked the free t-shirts and seemingly endless supply of Ugandan lollipops. Although it still makes me uncomfortable when I think how many people had sex on those blue couches. Shudder. I think I'm getting off-topic here.

Yes, anyway, so, many years ago, there was an edition of Tharunka going to press with some empty space in it, so I, and another person who shall remain nameless, wrote a filler article under the noms de plume Frou Frou McDash and Sparkle Boa. There, my secret is out.

In the article we were critical of the fashion direction being taken by students at UNSW, though to be fair, only the fashionista-type Commerce and Arts students really..and the really way-out asians (but I kind of dig their wackiness). It was probably only the artsy ones who read it actually, because they were the ones who wrote in to complain afterwards.

Our major problems were the wearing of ugg-boots as shoes, the misappropriation of leggings as pants, and the tucking of jeans into boots. I think I've backed-down on jeans in boots, because I may have been guilty of that in Sweden, but at least there it's because it's cold and slushy. There's no excuse in 35 degree heat. Actually, there may not have been anything in there about the misappropriation of leggings as pants either, but I stand by that one anyway because leggings are not pants. Wow, where is this going? Must get back on track...

Um, so here's the thing: just as leggings are not pants, it goes in both directions; ergo, shirts are not dresses. If you are wearing such an item as a 'dress' and walking to uni, you need to check that it doesn't ride up. If it does ride up you have a number of options: first, you could not buy it in the first place; second, you could wear leggings as leggings underneath it (while again, not a massive fan, I am guilty of it myself); third, you could, for the love of god, wear underwear.

I did not need to see that girl's ass yesterday morning. I hadn't even had coffee yet. And I'm not talking butt-cleavage, I mean actual cheeks. It was nasty. Just like the week before when I was walking up the stairs behind someone wearing a drifty short skirt and going commando. I don't need to see that. I don't want to see that. Ever. Again.

And while I'm on it, why is everyone at uni dressed like an skank this year? A friend and I were talking about this last night. There are asses and boob hanging out all over the place, and big bondage shoes. What are these girls wearing to go clubbing?!

Actually no, scrub that..I really don't need to know.

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