Tick tock, new clock // A.K.A The tragic demise of my Armani watch

3/22/2009 12:44:00 pm

At some point last year I went to a birthday party and drank a huge amount of alcohol. It was fantastic. And my hair looked good that night too.
At one point in the night, though which point it was exactly remains unclear, I lost my watch. It was a sad day for all.

Man, I loved that watch, it was perfect because it didn't look like a watch. It just looked like a bangle or something. It was a bit too fashionable to be able to tell the time on very well, but it was good enough for approximations. Well, except for the time in Paris when we turned up for a dinner booking an hour early because I thought it was 8 o'clock when in fact it was only 7. Easy enough mistake to make....
See, it was fully awesomes:
So I've been thinking for some time about getting a new watch. At first I thought maybe I'd replace the one I lost, but then, no, it's time is done. The only problem is that now I'm torn by the options. Part of me is thinking something similar, not overly watch-like, and not too big.

For example, like this, because it's more like a bangle:
I love Skagen because they're simple, and the dual-time ones are awesome:
But somewhere along the line, I've started to get a liking for massive huge manly looking watches, they're cool no?

And now I'm completely at a loss. Ideas?

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