If science doesn't work out...

3/21/2009 12:25:00 pm

Just wanted to share something, because I felt like it.

If science doesn't work out for me (which at the moment, in my increasingly bitter and angry state, is looking increasingly likely) I have a few back-up plans.

One, obviously, is to drop out of uni and become an electrician. It's the princess of trades, I wouldn't have to get my hands dirty, or at the very least, I would never have to go near other peoples' poo (a very real risk both in my line of science and in plumbing).

Another is to become a pastry chef. I have actually put a reasonable amount of thought into this one, I'd have a Swedish-style cafe specialising in Swedish cakes, and also sell beautiful Scandinavian things, in line with the movement against throwawayism,that is, sustainable design over mass consumption.

I'm increasingly thinking too that maybe there's money, albeit very little, in photography, I never even thought of this until last year I was contacted by two companies, a record label and an advertising agency, wanting to buy some of my images. It never eventuated, partly because at the time one of them contacted me I was halfway through trying to kill myself over Soviet biology.

But it did get me thinking... and so, because at the time I was majorly supposed to be doing something else, I made myself a logo. And I quite like it. I think I'm going to use it in the future. It's nice to at least imagine other things...

It will also be the logo of my imaginary publishing house, and also my interior design business. I'm versatile like that.

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