Om Nom Nom Nom

4/09/2009 06:04:00 pm

I made cupcakes for our lab last week. I mean..I think I ate most of them, but the thought was there.

I adapted the recipe for Caramel Easter-Egg Muffins from Taste. Instead of easter-eggs inside I put Rolos...mainly because they were hell cheaper than caramel easter-eggs, and also because I am hell cheap.

The batter itself seemed quite plain and I started to get paranoid that Rolos weren't caramelly enough, so for a bit more oomph I loaded them up up with a huge amount of Daim bits from my stash of Swedish godis. Gotta love the godis stockpile, especially at påsk HAH.

I cut down on the amount of milk (but not deliberately, I just ran out..) and I added an extra egg-yolk too...also not deliberately: remember when I bought that box of eggs and every single one was a double yolkie? And then I started to think I was cursed and made someone from the corridor stand as an observer every time I cracked an egg open..ahem.. anyway, one egg was a double yolkie, because obviously there has been some kind of time delay on the curse and now it's back. I figured the extra yolk couldn't hurt though, so I didn't bother fishing it out.

Om nom nom nom, they were pretty tasty, even if calling them "Surprise Cupcakes" meant 2 people asking if there was poo inside.

PS. aren't the cupcake wrappers awesomes! They're from my stash of Cute Things From Japan With Little Practical Use. Love them. I stocked up on them at a 100 Yen shop near Kaori's place in Saitama last year; that place was hyaku-en heaven!

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