Cookies for a cause..

5/30/2009 11:00:00 am

Hello, who am I kidding? Cookies for a cause? Since when do I need a reason :D

I got an email last week saying that our school had registered to host a schmoozy morning of snacking in the tea room for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, and could each lab please contribute a plate of something tasty. Ever since I've had big cookie plans in my head.

In fact, about five minutes after I got the email I went to the Pink Ribbon Shop, also known as the National Breast Cancer Foundation Official Merchandise Online Store, and bought these cutters:
I'd seen them before in my interwebs browsing, but I never really had a reason to buy them until now. And just so you know, Pink Ribbon shipping is super fast; I ordered on Thursday and the courier delivered them at 7.45am on Friday!

Since Biggest Morning Tea is not, shall we say, 'cancer-specific', so I've decided that I shouldn't just make pink ribbons... In fact, I've heard people being whiny biatches about how all the money goes into breast cancer research, and what about rates of prostate cancer in men yada yada. To which I have three things to say:

  • Men get breast cancer too, so they can also be beneficiaries of breast cancer research. Admittedley, male breast cancer has much lower frequency than female, but the incidence is rising.
  • Prostate cancer is, in the majority of cases, something men die with, not from. It is, as cancer goes, fairly easy to treat, and affects older men. Breast cancer typically affects women over 50 and has improving survival rates, however prevalence in women under 40 is rising (currently 5.7% of new cases). Younger women have lower levels of survival. And also, my dad's sister died, so shut up.
  • I am not just making pink cookies.
I'm trying to decide what other colours I'll make, and wowsers, who knew there were so many awareness ribbon colours out there?! Narcolepsy? Sexually transmitted infections? Eosinophillic disease? Responsible use of public land? Colon brown...slightly disturbing...

I think I'll stick to pink, orange (melanoma awareness apparently, which seems appropriate for an Australian morning tea), and blue (prostate cancer, so I can't be accused of sexism).

And maybe also because those are the icing colours I currently own...

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