Milestones and Landmarks

5/22/2009 12:02:00 pm

That previous post was my 300th. Wowsers. I really want to say total amazement city, but no one will get the reference. Although if you do work it out let me know and I'll totally get you a prize or something. I mean, I probably won't, but I'll definitely think about it...

Actually, we're past the 300th post, but I've deleted a few over the years because they were too cringe-making on second look, but hey, in five years of blogging I guess things change. Look, does anyone remember whimsical bird?

I actually really loved that template and I've lost the graphic now, which will detract eternally from the sense of whimsy attached to it in my memory.

I've put this post in the category Loves because you know what, even though there have been long periods when I haven't posted, particularly last year when things were at the lowest point, I love my blog.

I've never really been a diary-writer, I always start out with good intentions and then forget after a week, so this is my chart of ups and downs and adventures and life. It goes something like this:

Hmmn, so there are points of correlation between postage frequency and general life happiness. Not quite as much as I thought though. I can't believe I just spent an hour making a graph to show that.

Anyway, 300 posts. I hope you've enjoyed the ride too.

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  1. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Press Gang....the internet is a wonderful thing!!!!

  2. I'm SO impressed...but would have been even more so if you'd figured it out yourself!


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