An office story: the smell of feet.

5/18/2009 11:50:00 am

You see, I sucked you right in with the post title, didn't I. Sorry, this post isn't about the office, or feet, but it really does smell off in here. Especially when people are eating hummous. It's a confined space mmmk.

I haven't posted much recently. Life got to be too much. Perhaps you heard about the incident with the water tank and our rent increase. Perhaps not.

I've seen some bizarre things this week though, and I took photos just for you. I'm a giver like that. I have to warn you right now, this post is going nowhere. Just so we're clear about that.

I feel that perhaps this one should actually be Part IV in my recent series "A Quality Education" but since I saw this sign in the Pavilions whilst I was getting my chicken lunch roll with special sauce, I think technically we shouldn't be concerned. Hopefully the sign was placed neither by Facilities Management or by one of our country's future medical professionals. Things should all be ok.

And what's this? A sign I see on the back of a 1 tonne tradesman's van. But what could it say??
I hope it says "Babe on Board," I like those signs because they're a play on "Baby on Board". Get it...Baby..Babe... mmmn I like tradespeople in their little fluorescent vests and big manly boots...mmmmn..oh wait, no let's get a bit closer... Wow, deep huh. The thing that concerns me here is that this potentially was placed by one of the future medical professionals of our country. You know, like, as a joke, like, for Med Revue. Wait while I burst into song and roll around on the ground with my med-student friends and we congratulate ourselves for being arrogant AND hilariously witty. "I like men.. haha" BA-HAH holy shit man, hilarious.

God, I'm way bitter today. It's ok though, I looked good that day. And just for you, I took a picture of myself in the reflection of the window to prove it.
Ok, so that didn't really work. But I did look good that day. You'll just have to trust me on that one.

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