The bees knees.

5/22/2009 11:48:00 am

I was working on Wednesday, doing a second year biochem lab, and it had a fair bit of downtime; there's only so many graphs I can draw in a three hour period. I was wandering around and reading things in the lab and actually had a close look at the risk phrases chart. I realise it's quite difficult to see, the torrential downpour that was going on outside made it really dark inside the lab...but really.. R:57

I never would have imagined that there was an entire category of risk dedicated to bees.

Obviously if you think about it, bees are very important, pollination and all that. I learned this from Bee Movie, thank you Jerry Seinfeld*, but wow, a dedicated risk phrase.

I had a look at ChemAlert, and just for your reference, if you are a lover of bees you should steer well clear of organophosphates.

*Although there is a good chance that I already knew the environmental importance of bees as pollinators and didn't need it condensed into moralistic cartoon form, but damn, I liked that movie.

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