And in Berlin..they ate..

8/04/2009 10:14:00 pm

I ate my way through Berlin. So much pork. It does strange things to your insides. Never again. least, just not any time soon...

Can you imagine German-style tapas? A bizarre thing: let me show you.

Sausage and pretzel salad. I couldn't find the pretzels though. There were some surprise gherkins in there though.
Meatballs...with cabbage..
Rye and smoked salmon with sour cream.
BBQ pork rib.
Plums in bacon..with cabbage..

Bizarre, and yet.. delicious.

Oh yes, there was beer too. Beers if you want to get picky.

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3 comments on this post

  1. Anonymous12:07 am

    You know I know what goes into sausages.

  2. Ellie, the pics of the holiday look great. much more interesting w commentary compared to facebook too. esp like the million different pork shots. the meatballs and dates look good!

    Bec doyle

  3. hah, the meatballs were definitely better than that sausage salad!


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