Berlin? But how did they get there??

8/05/2009 10:25:00 am

Well first what happened was that they got on a plane.

That plane took them to Singapore and then to Frankfurt.

Then they took a train from Frankfurt. It was a really long train.

This is one end of the train...

...and this is the other end of the train.

The train went really fast.

So they sat on the train and did some reading...

...and some eating. But Moogle was a little unsure about these foreign moo cow products.
And they passed a million bajillion wind turbines in the countryside.

Lots of content-looking foreign moo cows as well, but you see, the train was going very fast and that complicated the documentation of the content foreign moo cows.

Then many hours later, after they had spent the day in Berlin, they got on a tram and went to the USSR where their hotel was.

And then they slept.

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