Berlin: It wasn't all food and games.

8/06/2009 07:58:00 am

I lie. It was mostly food. I probably ate the equivalent of a suckling pig.

But it's ok, we walked a lot.

When we arrived at Berlin Hauptbahnhof from Frankfurt we stashed our bags and decided to go for a wander. Now you know, I like boys in uniform as much as the next person..ahem.. but these police looked a little bit too bright green. And also, they're all about 40 years old, and that's not how I roll.

As we wandered, we couldn't figure out why there were so many of these bright green men, or why there were so many least, until we realised that the big gate-like thing with columns we'd just walked through was actually the Brandenburg Gate. We approached it from the side ok!

All that sightseeing can make you huuuuuungry, so as we walked up Unter den Linden we found a street cafe selling authentic Berlin street food. Also known as sausage covered in tomato sauce and doused in curry powder. The green beer was an accident...

The line outside the Reichstag is massively ginormous so the next morning, up at dawn's crack from jet lag anyway, we got there early and take some artsy photos. It's like being inside a very bright artichoke.

An artichoke with a nice view from the outside.
And a man on a bicycle who sells pretzels!

Later that day I had to eat one to keep my strength up.

We went to Charlottenburg Palace that afternoon. You aren't allowed to take pictures inside; I tried but a man waved his finger at me and looked stern. So I took pictures in the garden instead.

From Charlottenburg we took a boat down the River Spree. It rained. But then luckily it stopped raining and we went up on the deck. I got sunburnt. Rob drank beer.

It was very photogenic.

We spent a lot of time around Alexanderplatz since it was our gateway back to our Eastern bloc hotel. Moogle liked the fountain there.

And we went up the TV tower so that I could take pictures like this...
...and say that we went up the TV tower.

We spent most of that day on a bike tour of the city. It was rad. My bike was orange and we got to drink a litre of beer for lunch.

But you ah..rained. Luckily I'd had some beer, so my sadness (like the rain) was only temporary.

And even in the rain I got sunburnt. So the next day we had an inside morning and went to Museum Island, mostly in the Pergamon Museum. It's full of really big stuff that the Europeans stole from ancient empires.

On our museum day it didn't rain. Nope. Not even once. We ended up spending the afternoon walking, by then we'd clocked about 40km in total and our feet were sore, which is how we ended up having German-style tapas.

And then we slept.

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