Gent me out of here: the Waffle Man cont.

8/08/2009 09:36:00 am

Did I mention Viki hates Brussels? I think I did, and she really does.

We were leaving for Paris on the afternoon train, so to get out of Brussels, Viks took us on a day trip/lunch trip to Gent, about an hour away from Brussels. For an Australian driver it's probably about a three hour trip, but holy bejeezus those European drivers are crazy.

Gent is called the Venice of the north because it has lots of old buildings and stinky picturesque canals. Picture if you can Viki rolling her eyes as she said this and then muttering under her breath, "they've obviously never actually been to Venice because [...]stream of expletives and complaints about the weather follow."

It is extremely picturesque, except for the public toilets which were extremely public, ie. open-air, man pissing in two-sided triangular cubicle, connected to pipe which flows into canal, pasty european ass forming third wall of triangle, penis visible from side. I didn't look, I swear to god.

Anyway, where was I?.. oh yes, picturesque canals etc...

No, wait, that's me and Rob, hah...canals, yes...

And of course bicycles; it's just not Europe without bicycles!

But we weren't really there for the scenery, we were there to eat!

That is actually deep-fried cheese croquettes. I thought I had died. Not died and gone to heaven, but actually dropped dead: my arteries are still sore.

Rob ordered this beer... was bright red and it tasted funny, so I took one for the team and drank it for him.

And because I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer, yes, there were waffles invovled.

The waffle man too. I liked his little hat.

Paris is next, or Cologne if I get the photos. But I promised my supervisor I would start writing my practice thesis this weekend and have something to show him by Monday. Obviously my plan to start writing by 9am is gone a little astray...I shall be back in a few days.

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