Who can? The waffle man can!

8/07/2009 12:43:00 pm

We left Berlin and took the train to Cologne, but you'll have to wait and see what happened because I was using Rob's camera. We were only there for a night anyway so there's not much to show but I do have some choice stories to tell about German train bureaucracy, pay phones, and Rob's navigational skills. Oh yes. You just wait.

Fast forward a few days then, and we found ourselves in Brussels. My desire to go to Belgium was driven by two things. Chocolate and waffles.

No. Hah, I lie. It was mainly because of this person...
..my lovely friend Viki. We used to live together. You may remember her from my adventures on the Italian riviera in 2007. You probably don't, but I just wanted to name-drop the Italian riviera into the conversation.

Viki is crazy and beautiful, and I love her guts. And I don't even like guts as a general rule. She works for a big fancy multinational in Brussels and she hates Brussels' guts. She was very vocal about it. But luckily I'm not easily swayed, because I actually liked Brussels quite a lot.

Once again we walked. A lot. It was too complicated to figure out how to buy a tram ticket, and we were looking for food, and then we sort of just..ended up walking 8km. But it was ok because we found a park to lounge in...a park with chairs made especially for lounging in! Observe.

And it had big wooden moose-like things as well. I liked that park a lot. I wanted to stay on my lounge chair in the sun for a very long time.

It was right in front of the big cathedral.

And it was sort of close to the palace. I think. I don't really remember. But the palace was nice. We were bummed because two days after we were there they were opening it to the public for the summer. Boo.

It's right in front of a nice park too.

Europeans really do nice park well. They are good at parks. I guess it helps that it rains in Europe; it's one of the reasons Viki hates Brussels so much. But look at all that green!

They have a ferris wheel in Brussels too, and you know how I feel about those wheels..wink wink.

We didn't go on it though because well... it was sort of in a ghetto. Hmmn.

Anyway, you know what we did after all that walking in the nice warm sunshine? That's right: we slept.

Oh! Right yes..waffles. I forgot that was the title of the post. Mmmmn waffles. I think I'll just keep you in suspense about those for now. Om nom nom nom.

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