Drinkin' the flori-aide...

9/13/2009 10:30:00 pm

You like what I did with the title up there? You know..because people in Canberra are really passionate about Floriade.

They get angry and defensive and try to hurt you if you make jokes about it. I know because I only just made it out of there alive. Although that may have been related to the 300kg I gained over the weekend from all the eating I did...hmmn. At least I'm very cuddly.

I suppose if you live in Canberra you have to be passionate about Floriade because otherwise you're just another public servant dressed in hip Friday smart casuals and talking in acronyms. Oh wait.. sorry, I just got side-tracked describing my brother.

Anyway, I think perhaps it will be more spectacular in couple of weeks. There weren't quite seas of flowers. Well, except in this photo, but I did that deliberately to trick you.

but I like tulips as much as the next person ...

..and there was a giant guitar made from oranges so I'm not going to complain.

And even though I didn't get my face painted (for which my mother is wholly to blame since she is a chickeny wuss face who backed out at the last minute) I did play with a bunny in the petting paddock, so I am happy.

That poor bunny, he's probably dead by now from the terror of being chased around by thousands of over-excited squealing children all day.

The geese weren't looking too crash-hot either. Their honking seemed to be getting increasingly frantic and I think at one point they were planning a mass-flock jail break.

And look: baby sheep are as cute as they are tasty!

And just for the record, in the petting paddock I did no chasing. Only squealing...god, how immature do you think I am...?

PS. Pseudo-technical update that no-one except me cares about.
Remember a while back I posted that I was having trouble with the color rendering of photos between Aperture, Blogger and Photoshop Elements? Probably not, but Firefox has just crashed 4 times for no apparent reason so I can't be bothered digging around to find a link to prove that I did write that post. Anyway, I'm quite convinced now that something's up with Blogger's image compression, since Flickr doesn't seem to have the same issue. So for now I am uploading to Flickr and linking from there. It's very time consuming and I'm annoyed, so hopefully I will find a better solution. Even resizing and exporting my Aperture versions as small high-quality JPGs has no effect, but right now I'm full of Taiwanese dumplings (another post coming..gah..I'm so ashamed) and it's time for bed. Peace out and ah..stuff.

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