In the spirit of full disclosure...

9/12/2009 09:07:00 pm

...I did a terribly stupid thing on Thursday night. A number of them in fact, including my homecooked dinner, followed by a cheeseburger, medium fries, and then the drive-through at Mascot 24hr Krispy Kreme. Oh the humanity.

The worst choice of that evening though were the two alleged 'macarons' I bought at Laurent Patisserie. One 'pistachio' that tasted indiscriminately of nothing except a huge wodge of solid flavourless buttercream-like substance, and one 'chocolate' that was so crunchy that it could have been an oreo.

You like what I did up there with my 'scare quotes'? I just wanted to express to you that whatever those 'things' actually were, macarons they were not.

Obviously I should have known better. Probably should have known better than eating that second doughnut too, but you can't win all the time, and at least I talked my friend out of getting the mixed dozen. Believe me, that's a mistake you don't make twice.

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