On the bright side...

9/10/2009 12:32:00 pm

Well after about 12 hours of hysteria on Tuesday afternoon/night I have rethunk my strategy. Actually I lie because when I woke up on Wednesday morning I was still in tears. It was extremely pathetic.

I cried in an academic's office. I went to sushi train and ate dumplings. Then I ate a cheeseburger and drank half a bottle of wine whilst looking at pictures of bunnies.

I am getting a haircut (later today..no fringe this time). I have a breakfast meeting tomorrow where I will most likely eat ricotta pancakes with berry compote or something similar. Tomorrow afternoon I'll fly to Canberra for Floriade where the most pressing decision I will have to make will be trying to decide whether I should get my face painted as a penguin or a tiger.

I will take lots of pretty pictures and on Sunday I will go to high tea at the Hyatt and I will stuff my face with little tiny sandwiches. Of course, I will stuff face daintily and I promise not to tap my spoon against the side of my teacup. Don't you know that little tiny sandwiches are actually healthier because of their size, and so you can eat lots of them. Same goes for little tiny cakes... and the cuter and smaller they are the more you are allowed to eat.

Like these from Cake Journal..I'm pretty sure you can eat like..a hundred of them.

You see..the new strategy is basically food-based. And also bunny-based. But not bunny as food..

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