In twelve minutes.

9/10/2009 01:10:00 pm

In twelve minutes my timer will go off and I will go and get some DNA out of the -80 freezer.

In twelve minutes you can overcook a boiled egg. I actually like very hard boiled eggs though, so it's not a bad thing.

In twelve minutes I can do my hair or my face (ahem..almost), but not both. I am very shallow. But remember, you must have surfaces to have depths. That's what I tell myself anyway.

In twelve minutes I can walk from my boyfriend's house to the train station. The train only comes every 15 though so I usually end up waiting longer on the platform than I do walking to it.

In twelve minutes I can walk from my office to Randwick Coles and buy a pair of stockings because I wore a skirt and misjudged the day's temperature. I have to tack on a few extra minutes in the public toilet there though because I always seem to get in a conversation with a old white lady about how it's because there are so many Asians in Randwick that the hand-dryer doesn't work. I'm not sure I follow that logic but usually I smile and nod because I'm scared of those old white ladies.

In twelve minutes I can eat a chicken salad roll from the Vietnamese place near our lab. It smells a bit strange in there and I'm sure that special sauce is extremely bad for you, but you can't go past a $3.80 chicken roll and MSG does make special sauces taste extrememly delicious.

In twelve minutes I can blog about 6 pointless things. That means it takes me, on average, two minutes to waste my time on any individual item. And when my timer goes off in one minute and 52 seconds, I will get my tubes out of the freezer and put them in the centrifuge for 30 minutes. That means potentially, that I could write about 15 pointless things while they are spinning.

But you made it this far so I won't subject you to 15 more things. At this stage in my week I can't afford to start alienating my regulars.

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