The prejudice of other people

2/26/2010 06:25:00 pm

Back when I did histology, you know, when I was totally cool and stuff, and could tell the difference between this...

...and this*...

...I shared a bench with eleven people. Eleven people who all went to private school.

It had already taken a giant leap for them to understand that, gasp, I was not from Sydney because it "doesn't sound like you're from the country." Because ya know, we speak funny out there.

Imagine this conversation one afternoon then:

Person: "I'm definitely going to send my children to private they have a chance in life."
Me: " bitch did not just say that" (I might be paraphrasing).

It continued from there and I was vastly outnumbered. Then our lecturer ambled over (he was one of those people who's been an academic for 20 years but hasn't moved beyond the formal career stage of "lecturer" so let that give you an idea about him...) to find out what was going on.

Him: "What are you young folk up to?"
Me: " They're being assholes about people who go to public school." (again I think I paraphrase)
Him: "Why, where did you go to school?" (in Sydney, that question actually means "Loretto or PLC?")
Me: "I went to a public school."
Him (gesturing around the table, wide-eyed in disbelief): "Then what are you doing here?"

To which I replied, "My parents didn't have to pay to get me into university."

And you know what? They all thought I was being the offensive one.

*Ha, I lie, because I can still tell the difference. Although that's mainly because I made those tissue slices and took the pictures.  I'm obviously still totally cool and stuff. Don't hate, it's just how I roll...

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  1. Anonymous1:00 pm

    country public schools that teach you to speak bogan FTW!
    just take that to say that I went to a country public school and I got my first choice for subject at uni.

  2. I did, and I know plenty of other people that went to country public schools for their entire schooling and have now either finished uni or are about to finish. In my year of around 20 people, about half of us went to uni and I think everyone went onto do some form of tertiary education. So yeah, fuck you arrogant private schoolers!


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