Ellie wants: green things

5/16/2010 10:55:00 am

I realise that there's a theme emerging here, but the thing is, I only get paid once a month. It leaves much room for the imagination, but little for the purchase of lovely items.

And so, I shall stick to window shopping. Well, it's more that I must stick to window shopping or else my credit card takes a beating and we enter into a cycle of hate with each other. And I'm about cake, not hate.

I'm all about IKEA too. Notice my self restraint below: only one item. I was going to include these Knubbig lamps, because they are green and I love them. They were going to accompany a story about how I used to have two white ones and then Binky ate both of them, so now I'm back to coveting them..but it pains me too much to think about it. Bastard rabbit.

Anyway, I can't wait until the new IKEA, the largest in the southern hemisphere, opens just down the road from my house! No seriously, 37 000 square metres of napkins and meatballs. Sweet jesus, my mouth waters.

I digress.

I feel as though I should perhaps get out of bed now and recharge my vitamin D. But I have a cold and a vitamin D recharge would probably involve getting out of my pyjamas.

Today I choose bed. And window shopping.

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