My week in review...

8/14/2010 10:22:00 pm

Last week I set myself a task.

My plan was to document the week, and then post it here.

Last week was no more or less interesting than any other.

I did not end up recording my musings for the entire week...I was bored of the project by Wednesday, but in order to preserve a note of potential historical import (because you know.. I may be extremely famous, one day, and my biographer will surely find such insights to be incredibly helpful), I give you:

My week in review...most of it anyway...

Woke up at 7 to do a wee. Bunnies were staking out bedroom door and so I needed to do strange form of half-sleep stealth gymnastics to get back to bedroom without them getting in. They are currently obsessed with shredding a piece of cardboard that is behind the bed, and it is extremely grating. It makes me want to turn the bunnies into a delicious pie.

Slept until 9.30 and upon waking made sad bleating noises until my beloved brought me a coffee. Stayed in bed until the computer battery ran out and the sheets started to get tangled, then transferred my self from bed to the sunny patch on the carpet in the living room.
Lounged for a while and then prepared myself for an outdoor walking adventure. Whilst walking, stopped along the way to take picture of urban knitting near railway and continued. Bought a number of items of underwear, all not strictly required... And walked home.

Took a different route in search of larger mat for beneath bunny living area. Got harassed by strange man in a shop and became paranoid upon leaving that he was following me. Then became paranoid that my paranoia was probably making me look like a shop lifter. Cleaned house in vain hope that state of tidiness will last until Wednesday. Watched bonnet drama on ABC and cleaned rabbits' living room. Slept.

Alarm went off 5.30am. Pressed snooze 22 times and heaved self out of bed at 6.00am. Tripped on rabbit in darkness. Darkness! Sun not yet up, birds not yet tweeting. Brain not yet functioning. Had difficulty remembering where new stash of underwear from previous day expedition was safely stored.

Ate muffin for breakfast. Felt guilty for eating muffin. Had some biscuits.. it is a slippery slope.

Day passed in haze. 10 hours of haze. At 6pm, became fixated on the idea of eating crayfish in dill, spent train trip home trying to find Sydney stockist of Swedish-style frozen crayfish. Preferably one that also sells novelty crayfish hats and aquavit, but had no luck on any front.

Walked home from station and sprained ankle crossing road. Had brief moment of life flashing before my eyes as cars approached, then realised it was headlights, not life, getting in eyes. Got home and attempted to poach 2 eggs for dinner. It didn't go very well because in spite of all the YouTube instructional videos I have watched, I do not have correct poaching technique. Stupid eggs.

Now have sore ankles from wearing stupid shoes all day and above crossing road incident. Good excuse to go to bed.

After falling asleep early, woke up before alarm and enjoyed poking feet into cool corners of the bed for...45 minutes... Got out of bed and tripped over pillow which is now guarding bedroom door from lonely/persistent/stupid rabbits scratching during the night.

Worked. Got message that rabbits had eaten phone cable thus internet no longer working. Went to shop and bought new cable.  Came home. Cooked spaghetti bolognese for dinner, in spite of being told by coworker that bolognese is a white-trash meal, but ran out of motivation before the spaghetti part materialised. Ate bolognese on toast for dinner.  Attempted to fix internet and bunny-proof new cable. Was wrong cable. Unable to fix. Without Internet, unable to do usual nightly blog/etsy browsing. Felt slightly listless and ill at ease. Went to bed.

Hump day. And what a hump. Woke up too early to go to appointment across city. Rabbits everywhere, bamboozled by the pillow now guarding bedroom door. Observed rabbit trying to apply pea-sized brain to problem-solve pillow issue. Rabbit unsuccessful at circumventing pillow: attempted to eat pillowcase to no avail.

Has now been more than a week since last washed hair... Feels like spiders are eating my head. Resolve to rectify that situation in evening.

Got warm feeling in my cockles when the coffee cart boys at the cart I formerly frequented remembered me. Perhaps a sign that whilst at uni my caffeine consumption was far too high?

Ate muffin for breakfast. Felt guilty, however meal plan is obviously not working and day already ruined, so decided to eat a chicken quesadilla for lunch... perhaps with some chippies and aeoli as well. Ended up with stomach ache. Regretted my day's food choices. Went home and felt much sympathy for myself and the state of my stomach, especially when I lay on the floor and a bunny hopped on and proceeded to rock from side-to-side, unable to balance properly on my abs of steel. Stupid rabbits.

Aren't you glad I only lasted until Wednesday?
Don't answer that. Assholes.

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