8/12/2010 08:00:00 am

Puppies puppies puppies. With their little fat tummies and roly poly paws. I even like their puppy doggy smell. I'm all about puppies.

One day I will have one of my own, but until then I have to live vicariously though others. One of the benefits of working where I do is that there are lots of faaabulous people who don't seem to do much else except drink coffee, with their dogs, at cafes with uncomfortably fashionable chairs. There is a groodle called Buddy who frequents the cafe where I get my breakfast. Buddy is super cool and everyone knows him. He always comes into the cafe to say hello to the peeps. And last week I met the most awesome gorgeous golden cocker spaniel called Custard. Best Name Ever. I played with him for a while, but then I had to go back to work, even though I just wanted to keep playing with him.

When I have a golden cocker spaniel, his name will be Eric, because I think it is funny. Also I will have a beagle whose name shall be ..something modish and cool..but it hurts too much to think about my future dogs too much. Sigh.

Anyway, I think I am in danger of becoming one of those people....

...A pet shop puppy stalker.

Every time we go..well, basically anywhere, I make a beeline for the pet shop so that I can take surreptitious pictures of the puppies. Now, I know that pet shops buy their pups from puppy mills, and are generally evil corporations who hate animals, but I can't help it because I love to look at puppies. I always look at the baby bunnies too, but that's a whole other kettle.

I feel that there might be something a slightly deranged about this little hobby of mine. But well.... I just love puppies.

The end.

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