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8/30/2010 10:37:00 pm

Two words. I have only two words for you.

Dough. Hook.

Actually, three words...

KitchenAid. Dough. Hook

Does that make sense?

My imaginary KitchenAid has come real. In my kitchen. Sitting next to the toaster. Blue and glossy. 'Blue Willow' and glossy, I should say. Thank you Mr Taxman, and that big fat refund of money that was supposed to go towards my 5 years of tertiary education. I thank you kindly.

Now, down to business.

Things I have learned: KitchenAid Edition.

  1.  The bowl is heavier than it looks, and much deeper than expected when it comes to the washing up.
  2. The pouring shield is worth jack, because use it or not, I cannot pour the majority of the ingredients down the side of the bowl. The flour always ends up on top of the hook/paddle.
  3. I have lost my baking mojo. Or else my oven (which consists of a naked electric element and was built long before the advent of "fan forced") is a little dried up turd. I'm hoping it's the latter. Except for the part about poo...
  4. The first time you switch it on... zing... I was scared I would do something wrong and accidentally explode the second-most-expensive now in my possession.
  5. That ricotta in the fridge had gone bad. Whey from bad ricotta is just a terrible thing. It could be used to fight wars. Ricotta itself which has gone bad could be used to win wars. Let's just say I was the loser in that particular battle.
  6. Conversions from Swedish to English recipes only work if one remembers that there is a big difference in quantity between fresh compressed yeast, and dry yeast in a little packet. Ahem.
  7. When leaving dough to rise in a lovely remnants-of-heat oven, it really should only be left for 15-30 minutes. Any longer than that and you face an amorphous yeast creature, spilling forth from its bowl, and punching it back down into submission for a night in cool storage is quite a task at 11pm.

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  1. the blue is good...

    don't forget to adjust the paddle height (that screw when you lift the top bit)


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