Strange things are happening.

8/17/2010 11:26:00 pm

Do you remember that time that I got a whole box full of double-yolkie eggs, and I got all paranoid that I was cursed and started taking pictures of them as proof that I was going to be hit by a bus??

I then became obsessed with figuring out, statistically, the chances of that actually happening (the eggs, not the bus; chance doesn't figure when when one is cursed by eggs). For the record, it is 1/1000. Which means the chance of it happening 6 times in the same egg box is 1/something huge. But there are confounding factors because hens who are young and only starting to lay, tend to lay double-yolkies (because they aren't quite coordinated in their bits enough to get the right bits into the right egg shell). Also, double-yolkies tend to be larger because well, they have two yolks, and eggs are sorted according to size, so the large ones will end up together. etc. It's all very scientific and clearly I spent far, far too much time reading about it.

Anyway, I think it's happening again. Not the eggs, no time to eat eggs lately. But I went for a walk on the weekend and....

...Suddenly the world's most innocuous form of urban graffiti seems to be popping up where I least expect it.

Cue paranoia.

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