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9/01/2010 07:51:00 pm

You may have noticed things have been all quiet on the gardening front.

See, what happened was that my happy little seedlings- the lettuce, the spinach, the basil- they were getting too big for their seedling green house. Fights were breaking out. Things were getting rowdy. People were getting hurt.

I transferred them to a new green house. A green house made out of a plastic box with soil in it, two wire coat hangers, some miniature pegs, a sheet of plastic, and a bulldog clip.

Turns out it wasn't bunny-proof..

So I took a break from my garden. It wasn't really working out for me anyway. I'm just shit with plants. It's ok, I'm cool with that.

The only problem now, is that somehow (I'm not even sure how), I have become entranced by terrariums! Maybe it's easier to keep something alive when it's in a jar?? I've had fish before and they were mostly ok. When I was younger, a friend had a giant terrarium at the front door. It was glass with a cork stopper, and it was shaped like a pig..and the stopper was the pig's nose. It was hideous and it was fantastic! I want to join that club.

Except for the hideous part...

I'm going to start my adventure with the moss DIY kit from terradctl. I am in love. I need to acquire a small plastic cow, somehow. I'll probably also require a trip to IKEA to get a glass container...woot! This prospective hobby is getting better by the minute!! Athough, I'm not sure how my beloved feels about the jewellery-making enterprise which has taken over the coffee table. Or the candle supplies in the kitchen...

Beach terrarium with an air plant. It only lives on air: maybe even I could keep it growing!

Maybe I should start small...

I hope that everyone I know like terrariums as much as I do. Hello Christmas!

They can't be that hard to keep alive, right?

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  1. Anonymous4:26 pm

    if you still want to do this, you should go to a hobby shop to buy the little figurines. model train obsessed people use em as the scenery for their models.
    yours truly.
    another ellie.


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