A photo I took once: A celebration

11/23/2010 10:56:00 pm

I passed 500 posts recently, with little fanfare. Actually, with none.

I am exhausted, by some thing more than others. For example, on Friday night, I fell asleep fully clothed and couldn't be woken, shaken, or stirred for 12 hours.

Last week I almost fell asleep on the train twice, and that is bad, because falling asleep on the train means ending up in the western suburbs. I'm sure you can understand: that is a bad outcome.

I drank too much wine, and made the mistake of answering my phone out of work hours. And I keep fucking things up at work. Really stupid small things, that shouldn't actually be mistakes, but become them when tensions are running high. Did I mention the wine?

I have been feeling rough, and fat, and snippy, and easily tearful, and the last couple of weeks have passed without my having much to show for it. Mostly, I have been mind numbingly, bone wearingly tired. And for some reason my head is really, really itchy.

It could be that I am facing post-holiday unphoria, or it could be that it's time to become a flight attendant. I have relinquished my credit card to a higher power (though it has been used for emergency hay purchasing and the like.. and maybe also a necklace and some perfume... it's been rough, ok?!), and am comforting myself with internet window shopping. It's unfufilling.

Here it is. A photo I took once of someone else's fanfare. Sparklers and champagne, and weather so warm my eyeballs were dehydrating. I don't really like the heat, even if it is New Year's Eve.

I am going to take a small break from all this blogging about nothing. What's the point if there's nothing much to say?

I shall return soon, with a story about tomatoes. I am growing some on top of the BBQ (currently the only safe place..cf. bunnies).

Do stay tuned, won't you?

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  1. Anonymous11:17 pm

    You know Ellie, you should be more easy on yourself. Unfortunately it is in the nature of humans to pick at every thing we do wrong and we go over things, hundreds and thousands of times. We do no good for ourselves, and yet it is so hard to stop tormenting yourself. I'm dealing with something similar, so I wanted you to know that, even if it is the pot calling the kettle black, it's okay to make mistakes. You'll always do the best job of being who you are. Don't bring yourself down.

    And out of all the friends that I've lost over the years, you're the one I miss the most.


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