Navigational relinquishment

11/18/2010 11:43:00 pm

Yesterday, I had to walk 1.5 km in 10 cm heels because of a navigational error on my part. It was 2 in the afternoon, we hadn't eaten lunch, and it was a tad too warm to be wearing stocking.

I think I had only myself (and google maps) to blame. I maps probably not so much, because had I checked my email, then I wouldn't have typed in the wrong was like the time we tried to find the hospital at Macquarie, only to discover that:

a. following a bus I remembered taking once, 2 years earlier, is not the best way to reach the desired destination.
b. Macquarie Hospital and Macquarie Private Hospital are not the same thing. And the former is either a mental institution or some kind of correctional facility, judging by the garden...

We hadn't had lunch that time either.

I'm not allowed to navigate anymore.

And also I think I have broken a bone in my foot. Stupid shoes.

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