The trance

11/09/2010 09:11:00 pm

Ok, so there's this guy who works at Pet Barn in Alexandria who says that he can trance any bunny. I don't think he can.

Stay with me here....

For some reason, when you lay a bunny on its back, it goes into a kind of coma. A somnolent state. Catatonia. Rabbitonia.

Call it what you will. I'm pretty sure the technical term is trance though.

Apparently you can do it with chickens too, but I've no great interest in finding out first hand.

When Binky was a baby, she was a squirmy little biatch. I was scared that I would accidentally kill her, and so I didn't really handle her as much as I should have. Some bunnies just don't like cuddles, and she is one of them. In spite of the many youtube videos I watched, the websites I read, Binky would not trance. I tried stroking her nose. I tried stroking her cheeks. I blew gently on her whiskers (really, I did), to no avail.

Binky does not trance.

She can be subdued by wrapping in a bunny burrito, but even then, it often ends badly. Hah, and that fool at Pet Barn reckons he stands a chance!

Even though Mochi now weighs 1.5kg, she was just a little tiny thing when I first got her. She was a little more socialised too, so picking her up was not the same ordeal as it was with Binky. She is more of a cuddler too; once she got so cuddly and comfortable resting on my belly, inside my polar fleece, that she forgot herself and piddled all over me. Moral is, she was much easier to handle than Binky.

Currently, Mochi is blowing her baby coat and going through puberty, so she's being a little fat bastard with very sharp claws and a bad attitude (she drew blood today, on a very uncomfortable part of my upper body), but until recently, she could be tranced.

All. The. Time.

It's quite possibly the most ridiculously cute thing you'll ever see. I hope she gets over puberty soon so that we can play this game again!

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