Gearing up for Christmas

12/21/2010 09:51:00 pm

Look, so don't judge me, but I have maybe opened some of my Christmas presents already. That's what happens when they get left on the table, out for all to see.

We don't have a tree this year. We don't have a tree. Hence the present table. We don't even have decorations, since the bunnies at my Christmas lights and made them a fire hazard.

I had too much spare time on week nights, and weekends when my beloved was in far away places, and I went a bit mad. And I decided to improvise.

I have gone totally ape shit for making snowflakes and sticking them in places where you would not expect to find them. Like on the wall, next to the calender. Please note that these snowflakes did not go on the wall in November, like the calender suggests. I am not that organised, nor do I get that excited about Christmas. On the contrary, it was last weekend, and I hadn't yet gotten around to flipping the month,

Last week, I attempted to get into the spirit by going to the QVB. There's nothing like crowds of people to mark the festive season.

Again with the improvisation. The good thing about making a tree-like thingy out of paper, is that it comes off the wall easily come January (or February, depending on how good you are at being anal about that stuff...). I don't want to be like our neighbours on the next landing (partly because they are mean and don't want to be friends with us), who, having no where to put their crappy miniature plastic tree, left it on the landing until October.

I was duly impressed by the tree in the QVB. So shiny.  Don't worry though, I acted cool and nonchalant.

I LOVE baker's twine. And baubles strung up with baker's twine are even better. Turns out it's a pain in the ass to string them and tie them on with the same amount of distance between each ball. The piece of twine needs to be really long, and it takes an ages. Having a short attention span, I only actually strung about a third, and so now I have a big pile of baubles...and ah... no tree to hang them on.

BAKER'S TWINE. That is all. Oh, and also, if you are getting a gift from me, I hope you like baker's twine.

Snowflakes! They are seriously everywhere in our house. I hope that double-sided tape comes off the walls ok...

I have to go now. I am baking cookies. It's all very domestic. I am even decorating them Christmas-like.

I think I have lost my mind completely, but at least there is food involved.

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