Renaissance of the carnation

12/12/2010 07:22:00 pm

I just googled "carnations tacky" and I got 267000 results. A quick glance over the first page of results suggests that is more a statement than a question. Apparently because they are cheap, and found more often wrapped in plastic at the tobacco counter of the supermarket, than in frou frou florist bunches, carnations are not good enough for stylish, non-tacky people.

They are too common, always available, and sometimes disturbingly reminiscent of 1970's weddings. Ergo, they suck.

"Never carnations. They are naff and remind me of petrol stations." - "Other naff plants to be named and shamed included carnations, wisteria, and conifer trees." - "She wanted fairy-lights, ivy, white carnations, trellising, the lot. It was very Dynasty - naff, naff, naff."

Well...I guess I stand accused. Definitely not stylish, but we knew that already....

...because I think they're beautiful, and they only cost 6 bucks a bunch. Lovely and cheap, sounds like my kinda thing.

And also Carnation is a brand of condensed milk, and I can only think good things about eating spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk from a tube. Take that stylish people.

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