Gifts (mostly) under 100 dollars: for boys who cannot be pleased anyway

12/12/2010 12:00:00 am

I have come to the conclusion that with some people, like my brother, boyfriend and grandmother, there is generally a high chance of gift dissatisfaction. This is sad for me, because I genuinely like giving gifts, and I absolutely frigging love giftwrapping things, and when I put a lot of thought into a gift, but get it wrong anyway, it stings.

My solution now is to try not to care, but to continue with the thought, and hope that I have landed on vaguely the same wavelength.

If you happen to know one of these people, then my advice is to give them something you like yourself, because then at least you can enjoy giving it. Some examples:

From top left: Beer: A Guide for Enthusiasts $18.00 - 2011 Moleskine Hard Cover Diary $14.00 - Mr Men Mug (your choice of man...) $14.95 - Peter Alexander Men's Penny Sleep Short $39.00 - Pantone Chip Turquoise Cuff Links $79.00 - Skagen Watch $239.95 - Trilogy Smooth Shave Cream $20.00 and After Shave Balm $30.00

I have my fingers crossed for my choices this year. I mean...spandex is still fashionable, right...?

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