The fat runner: preparations for the endeavour...

1/30/2011 12:57:00 pm

I am going to be honest and lay bare the shocking, awful truth. I'm doing it here so as to be accountable.

I have become fat.

...erm... fatter.

Apart from a period of a time in 2007 when I was in Sweden and eating too many potatoes, I had been the same weight since year 11. That was 2002.

Then, in 2008-9ish, I gained two kilos. Their slow creep was almost imperceptible. I was spending lots of time in the library. Late nights. Anxiety. Nervous breakdown. Too many jobs. Bad skin. Eating McDonalds and mainlining caffeine. But it was ok, because it was only two kilograms and everything was going to be better when I didn't live with people who I hated, and wasn't spending 12 hours a day at uni.

Now that I have a real job, I spend 8 hours a day at a desk. Most days I walk less than 100 metres to retrieve my lunch. I can actually afford to buy lunch. And I live with someone who owns a car and drives me places when I am being pouty.

Three more kilograms have arrived. One of them has appeared since Christmas. Clothes have started to go to the back of the wardrobe. I am grumpy and moody, and I seem to be crying a lot.

This is not good.

I am 170cm tall, and currently I weigh 77kg. An no, my bones are not that big.

Something must be done. Soon. This creep cannot continue or by the time I am 30 I will look even more like my mother (sorry mother, but we both know how I feel about your knees...). Albeit a much taller version.

And so, last week, I began to prepare a new endeavour. By shopping...
New Balance cushioning runners - iPod shuffle..unfortunately not that colour - DKNY ceramic watch that I don't actually own - Map My Run iPhone app

My initial thoughts about the endeavour:
  1. Running shoes are fucking hideous. Why must it be so?
  2. I wish I had bought my shuffle from the Apple store rather than JB Hi-Fi because then it would have cost 4 bucks more, had free shipping, not been scratched already, could have been any colour I wanted, had free engraving, and I wouldn't have had to deal with the trumped up little shit in The Strand JB who thought that because he worked in an electronics store he was cooler and smarter than those around him. And the Apple website wouldn't have snootily tried to up-sell me to a nano when I said, "I'm using it for running, I don't want a screen". Viva online shopping.
  3. I need to buy a watch so I can make myself run for set periods of time instead of getting puffed and switching back to walking. Mmmmn pretty watch. 
  4. Map My Run is going to be useful because not only will it make me feel inferior and bad about myself, it will tell me "Good Job" when I log a work out, even if it's just Disco Stu on youtube.

My birthday is at the end of April, and I will lose 5kg by then.

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