A photo I took once: the tiger

1/29/2011 09:12:00 am

It is Saturday morning. Rob had his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and now has some kind of referred ear & throat pain, so he is unconscious and a bit grumpy (neither are his fault, and I probably should have been kinder to him during the week).

There is a person downstairs with a casio keyboard, and they are apparently practising for an audition to become the song-maker on an ice cream truck.

I ate a lot of TV snacks last night, a boiled egg, a punnet of blueberries, and some wedges of brie, and my stomach is decidedly unimpressed. But I went for a jalk (that's a walk-jog hybrid...more walking that running really, otherwise it would be a "wun"), so it probably all balances out.

I'm trying to become more social. It's part of the plan. I mean, shit, I even went camping the other weekend and rode a horse. Her name was Princess, but that's beside the point. Once, when I was a more social person, and I had to study on the weekend (and so was extremely good at finding more interesting things to do), I went to the zoo with my flatmates. That was before I stopped liking them and things deteriorated in screaming matches. I don't think I'm really very good at share house living.

I took this photo at the zoo. I had only just bought my new camera, and I was really crap at using it (...still wouldn't say I've mastered it...), but I feel that this one turned out ok.


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