Awesome Monday

2/21/2011 06:53:00 am

I just stumbled across the blog, 1000 Awesome Things. Some of the awesome things listed seem to totally validate my life!
I'm so totally in agreement with Awesome Thing #306: Wearing pajamas outside of the house.

It's like finally admitting to yourself that being comfy is worth it. Here are some classic ways to pull it off [...]

3. Walking the dog. Whether it’s the midnight stroll in the dead of winter or the early morning walk before the sun comes up, it’s always a classy move to roam the hood in pajamas, a tattered robe, and maybe some furry pink earmuffs.

 I'm not a huge fan of Mondays. It that a cliche? For all the usual reasons I find them tiring, an abrupt end to a weekend of nothing, but they're especially bad for me because I start work 2 hours earlier than usual and I have to deal with people at close quarters all day. Not a fan.

It seems then a good idea to start the week with some awesome things. In that regard, at least, Monday can be awesome.

Loungewear. It cannot be wrong. It's like pajamas, just a step up on the respectability scale. In loungewear you can fetch the laundry, go to the shops, and read the newspaper on the balcony, and people simply think you are being chic, weekendy, and carefree. Rather than giving you strange looks because it's 3pm and you've neither dressed nor brushed your hair...

Shrug - PJ pants - cami
 Also, loungewear never seems to get that floppy..worn in.. feeling that pajamas begin to have around lunchtime when you realise that perhaps you should actually get dressed and brush your hair.

Shrug - yoga pants - tee

Of course, in the current heat, it's lucky if I make it past underwear on the weekends. Also, remember, I am sworn off clothing at the moment...even though loungewear hides a multitude of sins..ahem. But, I can dream of thinner, more temperate times.

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