Repost: The life cycle of the daisy

2/21/2011 10:59:00 pm

This is a repeat from an earlier broadcast. I just think the following needs saying...(my updated notes below in courier type)

Public service announcement: if you are an undergraduate biology study, attempting to plagiarise something from the internet to help finish a botany assignment, I'm going to help you out big time. This post is not an actual representation of the daisy life cycle. I can see what you googled to get here. Learn to use a text book. And while we're at it, you'll get better grades if you can use an apostrophe/comma/semicolon correctly, fool.  End service announcement.

The life cycle of the daisy. A quasi-metaphorical exposition.

Well, it starts out something like this.

From a pile of these...

Gerbera seeds

...comes one of these... (PS. that's not what a daisy seedling looks like. That is a random thing that I tried to grow in a cup in Sweden once. Do not attempt to draw from that picture.)


And after a little while, there's some moving and some shaking and what was above, becomes the following... (I suppose it depends on your definition, but technically the below flower, though a  member of the Asteraceae, is probably a cultivar of Gerbera hybrida.. and is therefore, not actually...a daisy [Bellis perennis..]. You can thank me later.)

Gerbera daisies

Those are brief bright days, punctuated by the trimming of stems and the refilling of vases, until... the daisy reaches the end...

End of the gerbera

...and the end becomes the beginning, and it all starts again.

The end. 

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