The fat runner: progress?

3/13/2011 12:39:00 pm

Well, nope.. not thin. Sorry, got you excited there, didn't I. 

I think change is afoot though, because my muffin top does appear a little smaller, and there are shadowy muscle contours on my upper arms (atop my flappy wing, which remains...), and the shape of my knees seems to be changing. Less padding, more knobbliness.

Perhaps I have lost a few pounds, but who can tell really, with water retention and bloating. What is real and what is illusion? Is it all that philosophical? Probably the awful fat-measuring calliper can tell, but the process is humiliating and last time left a bruise on my right wing flap. Sigh.

Progress comes at a cost, financial and other. This we knew. 
  1. My knee is sore. Quite sore. I had to go to the physio and cancel a training session (what a relief!), and it hurts sometimes to walk up the stairs. I have some patello-femoral pain (I self diagnosed, but was right), which is being caused by my knee cap sitting too high. In turn, caused by one weak muscle, failing to counteract the pull of one strong muscle. It's probably all related in general to my genetically effed up knees. Thank you Jennifer. I'm going to the chemist today to get me some Voltaren gel. Mum used it on my shoulder when we were hiking in Tasmania and I slipped off a log (my inherent gracefulness is also, I believe, genetic). That stuff is like crack. 
  2. I'm getting home really late. Many days lately, I have started early, or finished work at least an hour later than normal, and then gone to the gym for an hour. Add to that the 45 minute commute home, and I am tired and hungry and grumpy a lot of the time. The bunnies don't want to talk to me, I haven't been cooking, and the strain has begun to show a few times between my significant other and me. It's not so much fun.
  3. Carbs. I've had to cut back significantly, and dammit, I really like bread. Of late, my lunch has consisted of oatcakes, carrot, hummus, tomato, and some form of protein. It's about as good as it sounds. And protein with salad for dinner.
It was really great the other day being reprimanded for eating tuna in my office. Perhaps if I'd had a chance to leave the office before 2.30pm I wouldn't have needed to eat in my office, and there wouldn't have been patients around.

And since I knew I had a patient due, sooner rather than later, there would have been an apocalyptic explosion had I actually left the room in an attempt to eat. This diet shit is hard work.

I didn't even realise it would smell that strong, but note-to-self for the future: the mustard one smells like potent cat food. I guess I'll have to stick to a hastily-eaten boiled egg on the back step from now on.

Hopefully the pay-off is worth it. Either that or I need to be fat and content, or find a job closer to home...

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