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3/07/2011 10:04:00 pm

Old people are always complaining about the youngsters. I can feel myself starting to do it too. For example, I am always irritated by little gangs of high school students who block the door of the train, not getting out of the way even when the train man is blowing the whistle (though I find a hefty whack with a handbag, or an elbow into an internal organ, can help to shift them), and who take up all the seats with their giant back packs and snooty teenage girl expressions. Pffft.

I'm sure we never behaved like that. Mostly because it was Armidale, so there were fewer opportunities for being obnoxious on public transport... anyway...

With all this talk of how things were better in my day, I have been thinking about the slow creep of the digital kingdom into our solid states.. Apparently it spells doom for pretty much every aspect of life as we know it.

I am not convinced. I don't believe that e-books will ever really replace paper books (since I am a user of both!). And while I am sure that not enough people know how to use an apostrophe correctly, it's not necessarily for lack of effort... and I suppose being poorly literate is better than being illiterate? Do you remember what it was like before the advent of mobile phones?? People had to make plans, and be on time and had to actually stick to the plans instead of flaking out at the last minute, ahahahahahah. Apparently some people still do that!

I hear that our increasingly electronic existences will cause the death of letter writing, too. Twitter, text messaging, Skype, and the Facebook status update have changed our evolutionary course, and we are no longer able to think in punctuated sentences, nor can we stretch things out to the point where a new paragraph is required.

But... I am not convinced. I like writing letters. I like receiving them. Admittedly mine have nothing on Austen, and no one will want to read them in 100 years time, but the pleasure remains, and I do quite like my handwriting.

Letter writing cannot die out, because then who will make the beautiful personalised paper goods which I love, and which are Monday's Awesome Thing?? Who will utilise such things unless there are words to be written?

Lace cards - Bird cards - Bunny cards

 Perhaps it's time to pull out my good pen and think of something interesting.

Or well...perhaps I will leave the pen and just continue to stockpile lovely things, in the hope that one day they will be used. I suppose, even though emailing is cheating a little, at least it gives you something to do on a slow day at work.

Not that I would ever.. do such a thing..

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